A Place We Belong

Short Film I shot documenting some amazing female Muslim artists, discussing breaking down barriers and stereotypes in the creative industry.

Shot with @ironglassadapters rehoused primes too which were really fun to work with. Love the different looks you can get depending on your aperture which feels pretty consistent across the set which is impressive for vintage and mixed glass manufacturers.

Premiered on @dazedfashion

Director / Producer: @asmae.el.ouariachi
DOP: @kieferpassey
Amazing talented Cast: @hanazebzabi, @naailahkhalifa, @me.a.snowflake, @kazna.asker , @tazlimastyle.
Interviewer: @dalia.aldu
Gaffer: @mazinn.mo
Art-direction & Stylist: @asmae.el.ouariachi Set designer: @brie.creativeco
Set Designer: @eloisepassey_set
scenic painter: @x33.s.montane
Hair and Make up: @adriennexmua, @ch3rrrry
Editor: Bruna Tolomeli
Colour Grade: @vanya.colour
Audio engineer: @lysander.black
Sound design: @jimmygianmusic
Location: GOOT studio
Special thanks to: Dilemma, Limitée Pr, Hundredshow room