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I am a Freelance filmmaker, self shooting director, camera operator, DOP and video editor.

I have worked with large brands, small designer labels in fashion, musicians (signed and unsigned) all in various roles of the above!

I shoot/edit/direct Branded Content/Commercials, Music videos, Fashion films and anything else that's thrown at me. I enjoy being able to work on commercial projects aswell as music/fashion as it alows me to be a diverse by implementing different techniques and equipment, depending on the shoot.

My general aim through film is to capture people in a beautiful, raw yet relatable mannor, which I hope pushes a healthy and organic postive body image, something I think all filmmakers need to be aware of and that is important to me. I enjoy projects which uncover beauty, show human intellegence and empower people who deserve to have their voices/faces seen/heard for people round the world to respect and immerse themselves within. I also love getting down and dirty filming cars, skateboarding and biking Etc. Movement is something that I've always been attracted to physically and emotionally. I'm drawn to the challenges of filming someone on a bike/car with different briefs/equipment/projects!

Check my latest interview with Jack Longman about my work!

Clients Include:
Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Ernest Jones, Colgate, Berghaus,
Rolex, Just Giving, Very, Dogs Trust and Google.
AZEEMA Mag, Crack Magazine, Runners World, Men’s Health, Women’s Health,
Netdoctor, Elle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar.
Koko (Universal Records), The Skints (Easy Star Records), Tuntu (Apologetic Recrods), Toby Corton & his band by chance,
Grove Street Families (Venn Records), Y.A.S, Conrad Mundy, Splitknuckle,
Giants, Oversize and Casso Clay.
Isle 3 Archive, RickyLee Drayford, Azeema Mag